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Trekking tours of India welcome you to a new realm of unlimited mysticism. Words may fall short to describe the beauty of these treks. One such trek is Nanda Devi Trekking in the Himalayas – one of a divine kind. It is the highest mountain peak. Adventure enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the soft and hard treks here. The snow arrayed mountain pinnacles stand proudly in all their adorned sublimity. The entire trek goes through thick forests and alpine meadows surrounded by glacial torrents, waterfalls, hilly and vibrant boulders, moraines, precipitant ravines, overhanging cliffs, crags, and tumultuous rivers. The trek furnishes spectacular views of Auli bugyals, Urgam valley, and Lata village besides moving through the woods of Rhododendron, Birch, and Fir.

Nanda Devi Trekking in the Himalayas Routes: You can enjoy many treks in Nanda Devi.

  • Mikila trek
  • Gogina trek
  • Namik trek
  • Sudam trek
  • Kaguri trek
  • Poting trek
  • Bugdiar trek
  • Martoli trek
  • Pachu valley trek
  • Munsiyari trek

You can follow old paths still taken by shepherds and very well maintained, cross several passes linking the Ram and Gauri Ganga valleys from where you can make a detour to the glorious Milam glacier. The paths are ancient trade routes connecting Tibet and India. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police still maintain an outpost in Milam. Few trekkers come here and most of the forest is National Reserve, so this region remains beautiful, unswayed, and unspoiled. You can enjoy Himalayan birds and mammals watching. The view of Potting glacier, Milam glacier, the stretch of Alpine meadows, sporadic views of majestic Himalayan cliffs – all will be terrific. You can even witness the sedating charm of the river Saryu, Ramganga valley, and Goriganga. You can chaffer with the villagers adjoining these areas to understand the human-animal affiliation, crop depredation, and their dependency on the forests.

Be a bit prepared and enjoy your trekking by keeping petty things in mind. Carry your clothing according to the needs of the weather. Your clothing should comprise a few of these articles. A wide-brimmed hat (cloth/felt) balaclava/ski cap, scarf, T-shirts, Long-sleeved shirts, fleece jacket/warm jumper, fleece trousers, trekking pants, pajamas, shorts, socks/stockings, trekking shoes, light trainers, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, daysacks. Your trekking equipment can be sorted as things to wear on the trail, to carry in the day pack, to pack in the duffel bag. You can carry other accessories like a camera and films, binoculars, an umbrella, and a repair kit.

It is advisable to identify the trek route and its difficulty level before the commencement of your trekking. You should have medical insurance to cover medical and personal accidents. Be respectful to the locales you meet on your trekking. It includes modest outfits, avoiding public display of affection and wealth because the people you encounter are of different socio-economic backgrounds. You should be well acquainted with proper mountaineering guidelines, high-altitude survival techniques, and first-aid techniques. Trekkers must refrain from burning wood for cooking at higher elevations.

A permit is not given to individual trekkers in Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Niti Ghati, and Kalindi Khal in Chamoli, Uttarkashi districts, and adjoining areas of Milam Glacier. You will need an inner line permit from the Government of India for Nanda Devi Inner Sanctuary. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, and District Magistrates of the respective districts can grant such permits.

The Nanda Devi cirque is certainly one of the most illustrious regions in the Himalayan belt. Its beauty attracts many tourists. To feel what is described one has to explore the terrain on his own. The charming scenic embellishments of nature are looking forward to being discovered by you. So pick up your rucksacks and get going to the destinations never explored before. Feel the enthusiasm of distant mountain cliffs, waterfalls, brooks and greenery all over…….. The “Dev Bhumi” will coax you.

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