Top 7 Tips for First Time Campers During Adventure Travel


Camping can be great fun & an ultimate adventure journey, but if you are camping for the first time, especially with young children, there are many things to remember and consider. First and foremost you have to remember you are on vacation so wherever you go and whatever you do you want to have fun. If you are ill-prepared or go camping for the first time on a whim then the trip could be a disaster but with some planning a bit of preparation and perhaps a reservation you can make your first camping trip a blast. Here are SEVEN  TIPS FOR FIRST TIME CAMPERS  TO MAKE YOUR TRIP GO SMOOTH:

  1. Choose the right location- Obviously, camping will be done in the wilderness, but the exact location and the nearby attractions can make or break a camping trip. Hiking, canoeing, swimming, and other outdoor activities are great, but make sure that they are easy enough for your children. Also, it is a good idea to include a small town or historical town in your visit just for a bit of variety. Choosing an appropriate location is important for the best adventure travel experience.
  2. Choose the right accommodations- Tent camping is the first thing most people think of when they think about camping, but if you are a first-time camper you may want to consider other accommodations for your very first trip. Sometimes renting a rustic cabin or yurt is a better idea than setting up a large (sometimes complicated) tent. Rustic cabins or yurts offer you the opportunity to enjoy all the fun of camping without packing a tent. If you want the full camping experience then forget the cabins and yurts and go straight for the tent. If the tent is new then try to set it up once before you camp just so you know how everything goes together. Also, make sure that you choose a tent or two tents big enough to accommodate everyone in the family and all the necessary baggage and bedding.
  3. Pack the right clothing- Make sure you are aware of the upcoming weather before you leave on your camping trip but be prepared for quick weather changes. In the summer the smart packer will always have rain gear, plenty of t-shirts/tank tops, sweatshirts, caps, and a light coat. Forested areas are usually cooler during the night so be prepared for a temperature change when the sun goes down. Also make sure to bring a few extras, especially extra socks and undergarments.
  4. Bring the right shoes- Nothing is worse than suffering through a camping trip with blisters on your feet because you brought the wrong shoes. Pack the shoes that will best suit the needs of your trip. Bring sandals to wear in public showers.
  5. Bring the right gear- Don’t forget to bring things like: matches, flashlights, extra batteries, tarps, rope, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, sleeping bags/bedding, hammer (for tent pegs), eco-friendly dish soap (for washing things at your campsite), wash bins, cooler, extra propane and small pocket knife.
  6. Bring the right kitchen/foodstuff- When you are camping you need to have easy to prepare and eat food. These are some things you should have to make cooking and eating easier: tabletop camp stove, tabletop propane grill, a few pots/pans, eating/cooking utensils, napkins, paper plates, paper plate holders, cereal, hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwich materials, condiments, eggs, dried snacks, plastic cups and mugs, reusable water bottles and milk. When you pack your cooler use a block of ice instead of ice cubes. The block keeps things just as cool and it won’t melt as fast as cubes.
  7. Bring toys and games- When you are camping with small children remember to bring some toys and games to keep them amused during the trip. Small battery-operated games are great for the road but should stay in the car lest they distract from enjoying nature. Simple things like coloring books, toy cars, shovels, pails, bubbles, jump ropes, footballs, and old books are great for keeping your little ones busy during the downtimes on your trip. Also bringing games that the whole family can enjoy is a great way to relax a little in the afternoon between activities. Tips for first-time campers are always to be remembered to make your trip hustle-free and  worth it

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